Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Should Have Put A Ring On It...Genuis!!

My people!!! October 22nd is literally around the corner. You have to tune in for the premiere show. Say it with me...Oc-to-ber 22nd!! LIVE at 9:30 pm!!! Not 9:00 or 9:32. 9:30 PM!! It is not that late. Find a computer with speakers and just click on the radio link. Go to! I will be setting up an e-mail for all comments or responses you want to leave. I would give out my number, but I don't want people calling me all the time. Sorry, I love the support but I have to draw the line somewhere, lol. Once again, October 22nd at 9:30,! Got it? Good!

The title of this blog comes from Beyonce's new hit "Single Ladies". (I think that is the name of the song) I have to give B credit. Out of all the songs I heard, I like the message in this one. Not to mention the video...speechless. If only I could get my girl to do those dance moves for me. (Cough, cough :-)) If anyone ever doubted that B isn't thick, they will soon switch their view of her after watching the video. Anyway, I support her message 100%. Put a ring on the one you want. Back in the day, that is was the only way things were really done. Now-a-day there are probably more single mothers than married couples. I mean if she is good enough to have your baby then why can't you marry her?

It's always funny running into an ex. There is always this kind of awkward moment, sometimes followed by mental what-if scenarios. It is cool if both of you are single, but if she/he is married it's kind of a smack in the face. Oh, best believe the fact they are taken will come up in the conversation. I think women love to flaunt, if I may, when it comes to being taken off the market. It's like saying, you couldn't commit to me but I found someone who can and I'm better off than you. It kind of leaves a sour taste in your mouth, unless she/he is a complete nut. Then I would feel sorry for the poor sap who actually proposed.

Why are men afraid and I use that word loosely, to put a ring on the one they want? How much would it bother you to see your past love married to someone after leaving you? I know marriage is a big step, but how long can we keep waiting. I know everyone you meet may not be marriage material, but for that one that makes your heart skip a beat, takes your breathe away, makes you happy in every aspect of life, what is the hold up?

As always, be productive, be persistent, be prudent.


deluge- 1. sudden heavy downpour: a sudden heavy downpour of rain or torrent of water
2. vast quantity: an overwhelming amount of something

Friday, September 26, 2008

That Broken Record

Today’s focus is on listening to that broken record. What is this broken record? This topic touches home more so for the women because men are the broken record in this blog (you will see what I mean in a minute). The first time a woman hears this record is when they have that first real conversation. Not the game he was spitting when he picked you up, but that conversation where you get an understanding on what he is about and where he is going in life. At this point the record isn’t broken. This guy seems like he has a lot of ambition and drive. “Yea, I’m about to open my own…” “Me and my mans are about to start….” “I don’t have a job right now, I’m about to start working at….:” Do you see a pattern?

It’s the same thing every time. I’m about to do this and that, but yet you have been with this guy like 2 or 3 years and he hasn’t moved in any direction towards those dreams he was selling you. It gets even better, because you ladies like to complain to everyone about him not following through on anything. You’re sick and tired of listening to his broken record but you are still with him! (You didn’t honestly think I really was going to dog out the guys the whole time did you?)

Why are you holding on to him? How do women always find themselves in these positions? How long will you continue to play this broken record? Fellas, take a look at yourself for a minute. What dreams or ideas have you pitched and not acted on? I mean if you lost the desire to do something than let I her know. If you don’t I’m sure it will always be held against you. Have a great day folks!!!

Be productive, be persistent, be prudent.


ar·du·ous -
1. difficult and tiring: requiring hard work or continuous physical effort
2. steep or demanding: very difficult to traverse, endure, or overcome

Winner for Best Motion Picture Goes to....

We are still in the bedroom with this topic today. This is for all you young self proclaimed producers and directors. Some of you are so proud of your work that you have started a little collection series. From the make-up and outfits to the lighting, everything is done by you and your “actor”. The best part of the whole thing is you get to star in your own production! I am talking to those talent individuals and their home-made sex tapes! Sex tapes seem like the thing to do now-a-days. Although, I have never made one, I find them hilarious!

In Hollywood, sex tapes will change a person life. Like seriously, who is Paris Hilton before the sex tape? Ok, so Kim Kardashian is bad, this is a given fact, but who told Ray J that a sex tape with her would help his thug R&B image? His latest cd gets 2 thumbs down and a slap in the face to the manager for allowing the cd to even hit stores. Turns out the sex tape did wonders for both of them though. Marketing 101 to the fullest. How many people do you think tuned in to watch Kim’s reality TV show when it first aired? I know you don’t think it was because people actually care about her life. On the other side, Ray J didn’t sell cd’s but he definitely has a rep in the streets now amongst the women. It’s not quite the same for us common folks.

Make a sex tape, why not? See if anyone really cares. That doesn’t mean showing your boys/girls your tape and trying to get them to buy it. I would smack all the Napoleon Dynamite lisp out my mans mouth if he did that, like really. I probably wouldn’t mind “directing” my own sex tape. It might spice up things. Everything is all good until your child puts in a DVD of what she thinks is Snow White, because you burn all your DVD’s illegally and they don’t have titles, and she/he finds mommy and daddy dressed up like cops and robbers. Now you have to explain what pin the tail on Ms. Officer is to your daughter/son. What is this excitement about sex tapes? How normal is making sex tapes? A better question, what the hell is the point? I know you don’t plan on sitting down on the couch with a bucket of popcorn and actually watching it like a regular movie. Maybe you do, you freak!!! Lol You do the math!!

Be productive, be persistent, be prudent!


pacificator - peacemaker: somebody who makes peace or effects a compromise between opposing factions

Monday, September 15, 2008

Give You The Business: Part 2

LIVE, from your computer screen, it’s You Do the Math with your favorite blogger Skateboard P! Today is part two of Give You the Business. Part one focused on the competitor’s edge between men and women in the bed room. Today we will focus on people who THINK they are giving the business (Please hold your applause).

So you’re with your partner in bed and you’re working it (So you think). I mean, you’re working so much that overtime couldn’t cover the time you are putting in!! You even get a little verbal to hype yourself up and to ensure yourself that your partner is getting the benefits from you giving her/him the business. You are constantly asking your partner questions that you don’t even let them answer.

Example: “Oh yea girl…you like that huh?...yea I know you do…you ain’t never had it like this…say uncle girl say uncle!...girl you know my brother and sisters don’t have any kids…but imma work it anyway…what’s my name girl?!...WHAT’S MY NAME!!!”

Ok, so I’m being a little over the top but someone might say that to you one day. And ladies, 9 times out of 10 what do you say? “Yea, baby.” Now for some people, they are telling the truth. Their partner did succeed in giving the “business”. For others it was just another night of practicing their acting skills.

Why do people fake it? Is there some type of method behind not letting your partner know that their “business” is going out of business? Well, it’s only a man’s issue because women are the only ones that fake it, right? Think again. He just happened to be a one minute man that night because he couldn’t put up with you sucking so much. I think men are cold blooded when it comes to stopping in the middle of bad sex. Nevertheless, someone is not being honest. I know not too many of you are that open, lol, but what are some bad experiences and how did you fix them? How does someone keep their “business” open? You do the math!!!

Be productive, be persistent, be prudent!


in·vec·tive - abusive language: abusive or violent language used to attack, blame, or denounce somebody

Give You The Business

Yes, it is true; this is one of my favorite songs right now (as far as production). Guru put some T-Pain on my track…”Imma give you the business...give you give you the business...that’s all I want to give that business to you” (shoutout sister bear lol). Ladies and gents welcome back to You Do the Math. I would like to give a shoutout to DC Metro this morning. I got a free trip pass for today because the smart trip machine was not working right. Nothing like getting something free!!! I’m feeling pretty good right now, so lets get into it.

Everyone should know from the above hook that “the business” refers to putting it down in the sack. Many people claim they do but many far short of their partners expectations. Granted you may have an off night sometimes (even Jordan had off nights); you should try to and deliver the business every time. This will be a two part series because I can go in two directions with this topic. Today I want to focus on the competitive edge in giving your woman/man the business. What kind of mind set are you in before you plan on giving the business? You heard the saying, first impressions mean everything, and the same rule applies when you first have sex with someone and every time after that. Matter of fact, every time you handle your business you should act like it’s your first time.

Men mind set first time around with someone is “I’m going to dogg this jawnt.” (Just keeping it real) Women I’m not sure only because I’m clearly a man. I do believe they have a type of mind set as well. The question I propose is who (men or women) have more of a competitors edge when giving the business? Who usually comes away the winner and the loser?

As a man, it’s kind of a given to give your woman a sexual eruption. When you fail to do so, you never hear the end of it and most likely her girlfriends never hear the end of it either. But in today’s line of work, some men motto states: “you better get yours before I get mines.” And sometimes it may seem like a guy is using that motto when in actuality he might have been one of those bad nights. Does your competitor’s edge push you only to get the person off first or are you really enjoying it? You do the Math!!!


scro·bic·u·late - grooved or pitted: with a grooved or pitted surface

E=MC2 - You

Welcome back to You Do The Math. If you like what you read leave a comment and keep coming back.

Just a question to throw out there, that kind of ties in with the topic, what is the difference between discrimination and preference? Maybe wording the sentence separates the two. We do it when searching for a mate. I like light skin women/men. I ONLY like light skin women/men. These are two similar sentences but they are worded different. So, do they have the same meaning? Just a thought. Which brings me to the topic at hand, how important is education to a relationship? School isn’t made out for everyone. Can you seriously date someone who doesn’t have a college degree? It might sound a little vain, but a very realistic question.

As humans, we are drawn to someone from instincts. Your hormones take over and you find yourself physically wanting someone without knowing any of their credentials. When you find out this person doesn’t have a college degree and barely made it out of high school, are you still drawn to that person? A college degree is stressed in most households. There is an old saying that states, “If it’s good enough for my parents then it’s good enough for me.” Your parents only want the best for you. Your degree will eventually pay off in life, so just think how successful a household can be with two college degrees under one roof. You don’t need a degree to necessary be successful, but it does help. Do individuals prefer having someone with a college degree? Or are we discriminating against those who have a college degree? You do the math!!!

Be productive, be persistent, be prudent.


toper - heavy drinker: somebody who drinks alcohol heavily and habitually
(I’m sure you have some friends like this)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Far Away Love

Welcome back to You Do the Math. Today we will explore long distance relationships.

Going off to college is a wonderful accomplishment. While in school, many people find themselves in relationship with someone from their school. Out of hundreds of individuals to choose from, you have found that one person who you think fits you best. Life is good. You’re getting an education and going out a couple of days a week together. You get to see this person whenever you want. No need for late night phone conversations when you can just walk over to their dorm. You have really established that quality time that everyone wants in a relationship. There is one minor problem. You are from Maryland and they are from California. The school year is over and you must part ways. You are graduating and starting to pursue your career while she/he has another year to go in school. You are now thousands of miles away from each other. What now?

How do you maintain a successful relationship being so far away from each other? In every relationship there is a level of trust established. It’s really easy to establish this trust when you are under this person nose every day. You know their whereabouts because she/he is with you. Long distance relationships rely solely on trust. Say goodbye to outings to the movies or dinner, goodbye to cupcaking on the couch, and goodbye face to face quality time. You new relationship consists of pictures and a phone. How do you make the adjustment?

Honestly, some people can’t. Long distance relationships take a lot of dedication. If you had trust issues before, just expect those issues to escalate. You find yourself lonely at times and tempted from all the other women/men in your area. A lot of people don’t make it through long distance relationship. Most of them end with someone cheating. I guess phone sex wasn’t doing it for them anymore. So how do you prevent this from happening? Is there really hope in a long distance relationship? I believe there is but what about you. You do the math!

Be productive, be persistent, be prudent.


stammer - speak with hesitations and repetitions: to speak, or say something, with many quick hesitations and repeated consonants or syllables because of a speech condition or a strong emotion